Ease, Joy, Comfort, Love

Calls and consultations

As your life transforms into to being a mum, ground yourself with a deep knowing of how to choose what is right for you and your new baby, free of invisible boundaries.

Expand and become more of who you are, discovering your resourcefulness, passion, a fierce love and dedication, to nurture yourself and your newborn in a way that works for you.

Online consults

60min Zoom/ phone


Mini adjustments can make the 'mundane' more magical and transform your entire experience. You don't need to put up with pain or frustration.

Build onto what you have already created by making subtle and gentle changes in bite size steps that make sense... no pressure and no overwhelm.

In-home consult

90 min + follow up call


Nurturing yourself and your baby in your 'nest', is a calm, special and safe space... and it's easier to replicate what you've learnt.

It's easier to learn how to fully step into the responsibility of being a new parent, caring for a new baby when you both feel safe and comfortable.


Combi support options

£300 - £550

For when you are able to put yourself first and get the support you need to gently step you through challenging phases, help you find solutions and clarity, so that you own and enjoy your experience as much as possible.

These options best if you have time and a little extra set aside for babyhood.

When feeding is going well, everything goes well, your entire day feels better and easier to manage... regardless of whether you are breastfeeding, combi- or flexi-feeding or bottle-feeding.

You can find a feeding solution that works for you and your little one because feeding your baby should be:



Sustainable and Effective

When one or more of these four corner stones are missing, you feel unsure, unsafe and unclear of what to do next.

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