Breastfeeding Starter Kit - Online Course

Learn the practical skills you need

to leave hospital with,

your nips and sanity intact...

Even if...

Your birth plan goes out the window


Your milk is slow to 'come in'

So that ...

You give yourself the best chance of feeding your baby comfortably when you get home.

Breastfeeding Starter Kit (Online Course)

Instant access to get you breastfeeding through the first week

Introductory offer £197

First tell me...

1. Are you ready to take ownership of your experience and learn how to do what is best for you and your baby?

2. Are you willing to learn to trust your instinct and follow your baby's cues, whilst being supported by feedback and information?

3. Are you looking for some sense of what's really going on, so that you can make informed choices based on what you can see, hear and feel rather than 'airy fairy fluff' of what's 'supposed to happen'?

If this resonates, you're not alone...

Before I tell you more,

Let’s take a step back and talk about the real problem

...Because Houston, we have a problem

The massive flaw in the current system is that general information is simply being repeated by many who have no idea of how to personalise breastfeeding, making it irrelevant to you, overloading you with information, slowing down your progress or worse, creating unnecessary problems!

Listen to me Linda...

Your mum told you that you were unique... and she was right... And your uniqueness influences breastfeeding in so many ways, but especially these 5 ways...

Your labour and birth is so unique

It is impossible to replicate the same birth twice, even if you have a c section - the elements that led to it are unique to you and will influence your breastfeeding.

Your medical history is unique

Sure others might have similar symptoms but how it presents and influences your breastfeeding experience, adds another level of personalisation

You are unique

Your past experiences, preferences, influencers, support system, life style, priorities are all unique to you. Embracing your uniqueness will change the decisions you make

Your baby is unique

And will have experienced a unique time in your womb, coming into the world and the moments after birth, will never be accurately replicated

Your baby's mouth and oral cavity are unique

This means that how your baby connects to your breast is specific to you and your baby. The connection between you is unique and this influences breastfeeding outcomes

With all this uniqueness - using the same one size fits all approach is just not going to work... and it doesn't!

There's a clearer, personal approach that

makes breastfeeding your baby more achievable,

so that you don't have to sift through the soot

to find diamonds in the rough.

I'm Geraldine,

And I would still be a Polly Parrot, simply repeating general breastfeeding blurb if I wasn't massively insulted and spurred into action to find my own path nearly 30 years ago.

At the time, it was 'common knowledge' (Ahem) that unless you'd breastfed yourself, you couldn't possibly be a breastfeeding counsellor, understand anything about breastfeeding or help mums to find solutions that worked for them...

It's true I had no experience, but my father delivered babies and well, he was never going to experience birth... so I had the hope of science and logic to get me through...

And it worked!

I’ve been told that I have a remarkable gift for simplifying the intricacies of feeding, seeing potential and possibilities instead of problems.

I’m an independent internationally recognised breastfeeding specialist with a global client base, published author, co-owner of Miskin Maternity so I've done ok and my mum is proud.

I’ve dedicated my 28 year career to enable 1000's mothers around the world, create bespoke breastfeeding solutions, inspire inner confidence and a deep sense of self-belief in their body and their baby, using my signature framework... that you can now access too.



The most effective system that will eliminate information overload without you missing the crucial details you need to successfully navigate breastfeeding the tricky first 7 days and beyond


Unpack your Breastfeeding Starter Kit

This is the simplest, most condensed collection of essential tools, principles and practical steps you need to know to navigate the first week of breastfeeding.

It's power and value is in it's essential simplicity

Easy to follow - 3 step

Simplifeeding System

Discover the 3 things you need to focus on so that you side step overwhelm, exhaustion and confusion.

Be clear about what is truly important, know whether it is relevant to you and cut out the noise of irrelevant info, opinions and well-meaning advice.

Clear 'How To' and 'How Not To'

Learn what to do to get the best latch, feeds, feeding patterns and manage baby's weight loss and gain.

Also see what not to do, how to correct each element by learning the common, subtle mistakes parents make in the early days, so that you don't make them too.

Step into the driver's seat

To begin with, feeding your baby is not a passive event. In time, your baby will learn to regulate flow and volume intake but it might require you to step in to start with.

Learn how and when to help your baby get more milk for less effort and when to sit back and let baby free flow feed.

Introductory offer £197

Love Notes From Happy Clients


Mum of two

Geraldine is a “must have” for every breastfeeding mum - extremely knowledgeable, supportive and the most calming influence.

When our firstborn arrived early on during the Covid lockdowns, her virtual support group kept me sane and gave me the confidence I needed when there wasn’t a lot of support available for new mums.

Second time around - and with a significantly more challenging breastfeeding journey -

I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without Geraldine’s invaluable advice and support.

I can’t recommend her enough!


First time mum

I contacted G during my third trimester, as I was keen to go into motherhood with an understanding of the breastfeeding basics. Her course provided that and so much more. She understands how personal a breastfeeding journey is for mum and baby, and that success is when both of us are thriving.

This was central to her course.I loved how personalised and flexible it was to mine and my baby’s needs.

As a new mum you often feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do when your baby seems unsettled. She has a wealth of knowledge which was invaluable, and also a very reassuring and warm way about her. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.


Dad of two

As a dad it’s often hard to know what to do

and how to help

when things are tough,

but in this case it’s not -

Geraldine is one of,

if not the, best in her field.

If your partner needs help,

support or just some advice then Geraldine should be your first call:

her calm,

sensible and actionable

advice will give you the

confidence you need

to ensure you’re on the right track.


Breastfeeding Starter Kit

Breastfeeding Simplified to help you leave hospital breastfeeding like a pro

Introductory offer £197

The best part is that you get instant access and can be feeling more confident in the next few mins.

C section booked for tomorrow... No problem!

You've got enough time right now to take action and get prepared for a better breastfeeding experience with your Starter Kit

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